Client Testimonials


I had no knowledge of legal representation until I met Attorney Shenia Dancy.  I was referred to her by a friend, and during my very first visit with Attorney Dancy, I felt safe.  Attorney Dancy took the time to explain fully those legal matters concerning my situation.  She supported me, step by step, hand in hand, as she helped me to resolve my case. 
I recommend Attorney Shenia Dancy very highly to anyone who is serious about justice ending up in their favor.  Attorney Dancy will fight a good fight and stand for what is right, as she is educated by the books of law, and led by Almighty God.  I know this sound strong, but this is true.  I thank God, Attorney Dancy, for sending me you.

Z.C., Hyde Park, MA



Attorney Dancy, I truly know it was God who made it possible for me to run in to you the day i was on my way to answer those papers. I did not have a clue. I thank you and God for placing us in the right place at the right time. Thank you for keeping me focus during this process.

B.C., Dorchester, MA



I am very grateful to have Attorney Shenia Dancy as my lawyer in such critical times of my life. She is honest and a good listener, compassionate, yet tough. She raises the bar when it comes to legal knowledge, professional integrity, and ethical standards. She is more than an attorney, she is a friend who inspires hope and faith when it seems that all hope is gone. A woman of faith, a woman of integrity, a woman of virtue, Attorney Shenia Dancy stands at the top of the list when it comes to Family and Probate Court Law. Next to God and family, Attorney Shenia has been my hope and salvation these past thirteen months. I highly recommend her for your legal team.
M.S., Arlington, MA



Shenia M. Dancy Law Firm, P.C. was recommended to me when I needed the expertise of a law firm. Attorney Dancy and her professional staff have been responsive, informative and prompt. As a senior citizen, I am unable to travel as freely as I had in the past, so Attorney Dancy and her paralegal, Ms. Singleton, visited me at my home when personal interviews were necessary. I highly recommend Shenia M. Dancy Law Firm to anyone seeking the legal advice of a trusted and experienced attorney.

D.G., Boston (Copley), MA



Just a quick note to thank you and your associates for the outstanding representation you have provided me over the past few years. It is truly a secure feeling knowing that I am able to call on you with the utmost confidence to represent me in a favorable manner regardless what the matter and situation is or who the other party is represented by.
I'm always referring people to your law firm in their time of distress because I believe that if anybody can help them, you and your associates can.
Because the odds of my living the happy go lucky life eventually without any unfortunate mishaps seems increasingly impossible, it's important to me that you and your associates are always available to me just a phone call away to thoroughly conquer any situation that might possibly arise in a quick, confident and professional manner.
Your correspondence in a timely manner be it day to day or whenever needed, lets me know that you are indeed in control of my best interest and that sets my mind at ease.
I am proud to be your client and thank you for all you have done as my family attorney thus far.

T.A.H., Brockton, MA



I had the opportunity to be represented by an attorney whom I consider to be one of the best divorce attorneys in Massachusetts. Divorce can sometimes be unfair and frightening but attorney Dancy went above and beyond to help ease my mind.
Initially, I had lost hope at the beginning of my divorce. I was the only party with all of the assets. It was a twenty year marriage.  I knew for sure that I would have lost everything that I’ve worked tirelessly to obtain. When attorney Dancy walked into the court room and I saw her in action I knew I was in good hands and being taking care of.  Attorney Dancy not only took the time to listen, acknowledge and guide me through out my legal proceeding. She was also compassionate, caring and most of all understood what I was going through.  Based on my experience with her, I highly recommend her to my family, friends and co-workers.

C.C., Mattapan, MA